Online classifieds (OLC) is a  US $ 3bn market industry and growing in a fast pace. Boston Technology Holdings LLC (BTH) , a seed stage company located at Marlborough, Massachusetts is aimed at transforming the OLC space inside out. BTH would achieve this by eliminating the conventional and broad based ‘key word’ linked search approach. Rather, OLC will be automatically delivered to a set of narrowed down target mobile phones, through its innovative Match EngineTM and Targeted Digital DeliveryTM (TD2) Pingcel.com is a web portal using our patent pending technologies specifically aiming at the real estate market. This technology will allow registered real estate professionals deliver their listing in the form of a short classified to a targeted set of home buyers.  Pingcel will directly deliver the ‘classified’ to the mobile phones of the targeted users, as a text message.

As a clear distinction from the closely competing services, Pingcel’s  users will be able to define the profile of their dream home with few simple clicks and let Pingcel  keep looking for the target homes in real time.

The video below gives more details on the controls provided by Pingcel.com

As a Pingcel user,  with that kind of ultimate control in your finger tips, you can stop searching for your dream home. Rather, let your dream home search for you!